They are on the road…

Trevor and Bud in Berlin, Germany

You can find small travelers who are off to see the World. They have different tasks, but everyone has the same desire. Everone of them are doing their Geocaching (www.geocaching.com) adventures. They want to feel, hear and see things around the World.

Travel Bud wants to travel in as many countries as possible.

Travel Trevor wants to see distant and remote places.

Travel Luke is going to see the wild and peaceful nature.

Travel Frank loves all the flowers in the World.

Travel Bart has an express delivery.

Travel John is on the World Tour.

Travel Wintergreen want to make good deeds and help others.


TOP of the travelers so far…

Wintergreen and John

All of these little fellows like to break new records. They are trying harder to win each other. How far they have gone? How many countries they have seen? Do they find friends around the World? You can find them and help to find new places to visit.

Most countries visited:

1. Travel Frank and Travel Wintergreen (7 countries)

3. Travel Bud and Travel John (5 countries)

5. Travel Bart and Travel Luke (4 countries)

6. Travel Trevor (3 countries)


Most continents discovered:

1. Travel Frank, Travel Wintergreen and Travel John (2 continents)