Travel Bart

Hello, My name is Travel Bart

Express Delivery! This parcel has to be delivered quickly! Please bring it forward! I’m Travel Bart (aka Reissu-Paavo). I need to deliver this important parcel from one big city to another. The more and the bigger the cities and the longer the distances, the better I do my job.

When you take me to a new place, please tell me what to do and see there.

You can follow my geocaching adventures in

My journey

My home town is Kerava. It’s one of the centres of logistics in Finland. That’s my Background. Then I wanted to see new opportunities for my delivery business. So I decided to go to Hamburg (Germany). I did not wait long for my first express delivery in Hamburg.

After that I have seen some funny places in Northern part of Germany. I went for short holidays in Greece. I returned to Germany. I went to Norway and waited there for a while. My status is now: MISSING IN ACTION!

The Others

You can find other small drifters who are off to see the World.