Travel Bud

Hello, My name is Travel Bud

The suitcases are ready. I’m Travel Bud (aka Reissu-Pekka). I’m always ready for new adventures, to see the world and to travel in as many countries as possible. The more states and continents I experience, the happier I get.

When you take me to a new place, please tell me what to do and see there.

You can follow my geocaching adventures in

My journey

I left my home in Kerava (Finland) late July 2018. My first cache was in Kerava railway station. I went to Berlin (Germany). I saw the famous Brandenburger Tor and other great places. Then I was homesick or I forgot something. So I decided to come back to Finland. I visited for some places in Southern Finland. Finally I went to Suomenlinna (Helsinki). It’s one of the most popular and beautiful travel destinations in Finland!

After visiting my home country I was heading to the South to Estonia and Latvija. Then I appeared in Germany again. I took a great leap to new continent. I went to New York (United States), near the border of Canada.


The Others

You can find other small drifters who are off to see the World.