Travel Frank

Hello, My name is Travel Frank

My motto is ”Peace, Love and Understanding”. I’m Travel Frank (aka Reissu-Rauno). The flowers make me happy. I want to see all the flowers of the world and the places where they bloom.

You can follow my geocaching adventures in

My journey

I left my home and family in Finland. It was mid September 2018. I went to Berlin (Germany). I visited briefly in Poland. Then I came back to Germany only to find my way to Denmark. I spent some time in the Southern part of Sweden. Then I wanted to see the beautiful Mediterranean sea and Spain. But something called me back to Sweden. I did not like cold and windy winter in Scandinavia. I wanted to feel sun and fun. I traveled to Florida (the United States of America).


The Others

You can find other small drifters who are off to see the World.