Travel John

Hello, My name is Travel John

Wow wow and a couple of other chords. I’m on tour. I’ve got rhythm in my blood and a gentle heart. My name is Travel John. I aim to help people and make them happy all around the world.

When you take me to a new place, please tell me what to do and see there. It would be really nice if you took a picture of me in a nice place or a nice company.

Travel_John_and_WintergreenMy task is to meet Travel Wintergreen in a geocache. She is also out and about. We left to totally different directions. I would be over the moon, if only you could bring us together and take a picture of us. And I would be even happier, if we on some occasion could end up together in Spain, and in particular the city of Torrevieja.

You can follow my geocaching adventures in

My journey

Travel John in Virginia Beach

I started my geocaching tour from Kerava (Finland) at mid April 2019. I like sun and Southern winds. So I went to see the great beach at Sandbridge (Virginia Beach, United States). After few weeks in the States, I retourned for short time to Europe (Germany). I am not sure where I should be. Now I am travelling between North America and Europe. I have visited shortly in France and Canada, but most of the time I have been in the United States and Germany.


The Others

You can find other small drifters who are off to see the World.